FAQ’s before purchasing an alarm system

You Need To Know This!

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a new home security system. You may find yourself confused by all the terms and different systems out on the market.  Here are some basic things to know before investing in a home security system. Does a home alarm system prevent burglaries? Yes! In fact, it has been proven that homes with a currently monitored security system along with signs and stickers are up to 3 times less likely to experience a break in. Depending on what type of alarm system you have in your home, the intruder may be detected before they even enter your home. How will I know if there is an intruder?

If someone attempted an intrusion, a loud alarm will sound alerting someone on site and most likely drive away the intruder. Security systems should be connected to 24 hour monitoring that will alert authorities and contact authorized individuals if there is no one on the premise.   What if the alarm is set off on accident? If an alarm is set off by accident it can quickly be deactivated by entering in your secure pin on the keypad. If you forget your pin or don’t enter it in fast enough you can also call your alarm provider and report a false alarm. A customer service professional will ask you for your code word and alert authorities of the false alarm. How do I know which is the best alarm system? There is no “best system” in home security. Each system is designed to your needs.  So the best system for you may not be the best system for your neighbor. Currently there are two effective systems on the market. Wired and wireless; wired requires technicians running wires throughout your home from the control panel. Wireless systems use transmitters and batteries that transmit to the control panel. Which features should I be looking out for? Security systems aren’t your old run of the mill intruder alert systems anymore. You can now control almost every aspect of your home with your cellphone or laptop like door locks, lighting, thermostats and appliances. Or you may want to add an emergency alert system for the elderly. Here are some things to look out for:

Am I required to have a phone line for my alarm system? No! You can choose to connect your security system to a traditional analog phone line or use cellular technology.  Cellular technology works like the technology on your cellphone. The control panel has a GSM device that uses cell phone towers to communicate. It is much harder for a cellular system to fail versus a landline. A savvy intruder could still disable a landline from the outside and enter the premise. A cellular system has a chip installed into the control panel. An intruder would have to enter the premise in order to disable the chip, and at that point the alarm will have already been triggered. How exactly does my alarm system work? If an alarm is triggered the audible device will sound and a signal will be sent to the alarm provider. Then a customer service professional will try to reach a responsible person on your contact list. If the responsible person deems it a threat the alarm provider will dispatch the appropriate authorities. If they are unable to reach someone from the contact list the appropriate authorities will be dispatched to the site. Remember to work with a security consultant to find the system that best fits your needs. When looking for a burglary system the main priority should be keeping everyone in your home safe.