Get together: Neighbors are your best confidants when it comes to preventing a burglary in your neighborhood. Getting to know them and building a rapport will make them more willing to offer a helping hand (or a pair of eyes) when you’re away from home. It’s important to offer the same help in return as suspicious activity can be even more easily spotted as a team. Starting a neighborhood watch program will help create a sense of safety. Teaming up with your neighbors will not only help deter burglars but will also help build a community bond.

Put up signs: Signs that display neighborhood watch and alarm company protection help deter burglars because they know it increases their chances of getting caught or arrested by police. Most burglaries are planned ahead of time and during their selection process, they will most likely choose to rob an area with the least protection. Displaying signs and stickers will make it crystal clear that your home is being closely monitored.

Build Partnerships: Inviting a local law enforcement official to a neighborhood watch meeting is essential. Keeping the local law enforcement involved is extremely useful in getting the latest information regarding crime watch and local crime patterns. They will also help provide your team with the best crime prevention tips.


Provided by the National Crime Prevention Council website, the following link is a checklist for coordinating the perfect neighborhood watch! Feel free to check it out here!

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  1. I appreciate you explaining how most burglars will make a planned robbery so signs will typically do a good job of scaring them away. My younger sister is looking to buy burglar alarms since she has three kids and really wants to keep them safe. I’ll be sure to talk to her about putting signs down once she’s found a professional company.

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