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The Importance of Monitored Smoke Detectors

By law, every residence or dwelling is required to have smoke detectors installed.  But, not all smoke detectors are the same!  There are two types of smoke detectors that you can choose to have in your home, a traditional non-monitored smoke detector or a monitored smoke detector.  Both can be effective devices, but it

is important to understand the difference between the two and which one really has the advantage of not only saving your home but your life. The purpose of a smoke detector is to provide an audible warning of the presence of smoke in order for individuals to exit the premise.

Smoke detectors installed properly and maintained in good working order dramatically reduce the risk of loss and death.  The cheap battery operated and non-monitored devices, although still somewhat effective, also tend to be very sensitive causing them to false alarm because of something as trivial as burnt toast or steam coming from the bathroom.  This can be frustrating to some homeowners who invariably end up disconnecting smoke detectors closest to the problem areas, and therefore leaving themselves and loved ones at risk.  Most monitored smoke detectors are of professional grade and don’t easily cause false alarms.

Traditional smoke detectors do their job of warning individuals on the premise of a possible fire, but what if you are not home or succumbed to the poison gasses that come from fires? How do they protect your property when you are not home or your loved ones if they have been rendered unconscious from toxic fumes?   If a fire occurs and no one is home or conscious, the battery operated device may not be loud enough to alert your family or neighbors.  There may also be no visible signs of a fire on the exterior prompting those around to disregard the noise as a faulty device.   Fire authorities may not be notified until it’s too late and there is major damage to the property, your loved ones, or even loss of life.  With a monitored smoke detector, an activation signal is sent to your alarm provider indicating the presence of smoke or fire 24/7.  Within seconds the alarm provider can notify the fire department so they may dispatch them to your home.  This quick response time could save your family’s lives and not to mention your home and valuables from being completely lost in a fire.

If you are interested in installing monitored smoke detectors you should check with your alarm provider and identify if you already have monitored smoke detectors installed.  If the monitored smoke detectors are more than five years old, you should consider replacing them.  Anything older than seven years old would definitely need to be replaced. Give yourself peace of mind and invest in a monitored fire system for your home. This is truly a valuable investment to protect your family and the things you have worked hard for.

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