When you commit to being monitored by any alarm company, whether it’s a residential or commercial property, customers are asked to provide an emergency contact for the site. If the monitoring center is unable to reach you during the event of a burglary alarm or fire system trigger, they will call the people listed as your emergency contacts (in the order listed). The following are helpful tips to consider when updating your contact list:

The emergency contact list is utilized by PVS for two reasons:

1) To inform the responsible individuals during the event of an alarm activation

2) To verify if the trigger was a false alarm and whether or not police should be dispatched to check on the property.

If the monitoring center is unable to confirm it was a false alarm, police is automatically dispatched to the location. As of 2014 – the City of Los Angeles will no longer provide “free” false alarms and property owners will be fined (another reason to keep your contact list up-to-date!)

List those you trust to represent the property during the time you cannot be reached. A few important things your emergency contacts should know:

  • How the alarm system(s) on the property works
  • How to reach you in the event of an emergency
  • Have quick access to your property
  • Know personal passcode for the account
  • Know the number to your monitoring center

We recommend our customers to update their emergency contact list as often as once a year. The process is simple, just give us a call and request a contact list update form. Once we receive written approval to update any changes you need to make, we will process those changes.

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