Church Video Surveillance Systems

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It would be nice to think that video surveillance systems using CCTV are not needed for churches and other places of worship. But the truth is these sacred places are not exempt from people who will steal or vandalize just like any other establishment. One of the best ways to help secure your congregation and staff members is by using quality video surveillance systems with indoor and outdoor security cameras and surveillance DVR. Churches often serve as a depository of sacred and historical objects. Many of the historical records and artifacts cannot be measured in dollar amounts therefore making these items priceless. Using video surveillance in the areas that store these types of items is in the best interest of the church. Many people do not want the place that others come to for worship and sanctuary, to look like it is a fortress. They want people to feel at ease in church and not like they are being watched. (more…)

Security in The Church – Church Protection

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Should the doors of your church be opened or closed? Since 1999 their have been 427 gun related killings & countless injuries in churches around the country. I as well as many others expect our presence in the church to be safe and secure. The churches have become victims of theft & violence resulting in thousands of dollars in damages & deaths. We at PVS are committed to making the faith based community safer and educated to the dangers that exist. We will come to your place of worship & provide you with a free assessment to let you see the latest in security products available to you. The churches are considered soft spots or easy targets due to the doors being left open at all times. In these times of extreme chaos in the world, we have to protect ourselves & others from the threats that exist. PVS is your total security company that has been in business for over 35 years, please give us a call and allow one our trained professionals to come out to your church or business and assess your needs for free. No one should go to church in fear. Many church leaders are not addressing the security threats. (more…)