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Get Monitored!

The Importance of Monitored Smoke Detectors

By law, every residence or dwelling is required to have smoke detectors installed.  But, not all smoke detectors are the same!  There are two types of smoke detectors that you can choose to have in your home, a traditional non-monitored smoke detector or a monitored smoke detector.  Both can be effective devices, but it (more…)

Burn Safety Awareness

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Children under the age of 5-years-old account for 52 percent of all child fire deaths according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Each year, approximately 488 children ages 14 and under die in residential fires, but what some fail to realize is that burns don’t just come from fires. Unattended cookware on the stove, curling irons, bathwater, etc. can cause an equal amount of damage if handled improperly. Water heaters should be set no higher than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some things to remember: (more…)