Safety Tips: Driving in the Rain

driving in the rain car hydroplane safety

Driving in the rain, whether short or long-distance, is not only a hassle but it’s extremely dangerous. Per AAA exchange, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic accidents annually. Regardless, safety begins with the driver! – the following are a few safety tips to always consider when driving in the rain:

  • Take your time:  Slowing down while driving on wet roads will highly reduce your vehicle’s chances of skidding, sliding or hydroplaning.  Remember, the road is most slippery (more…)

Holiday Safety

holiday safety

Here at PVS, we care about the safety of our customers first and foremost!

Below are useful tips on keeping it safe this holiday season:

  • Going on vacation for the holidays?


Security in The Church – Church Protection

church safety religion security

Should the doors of your church be opened or closed? Since 1999 their have been 427 gun related killings & countless injuries in churches around the country. I as well as many others expect our presence in the church to be safe and secure. The churches have become victims of theft & violence resulting in thousands of dollars in damages & deaths. We at PVS are committed to making the faith based community safer and educated to the dangers that exist. We will come to your place of worship & provide you with a free assessment to let you see the latest in security products available to you. The churches are considered soft spots or easy targets due to the doors being left open at all times. In these times of extreme chaos in the world, we have to protect ourselves & others from the threats that exist. PVS is your total security company that has been in business for over 35 years, please give us a call and allow one our trained professionals to come out to your church or business and assess your needs for free. No one should go to church in fear. Many church leaders are not addressing the security threats. (more…)

Summer Safety

summer beach sand stay safe

Most of us look forward to summer; the weather in Southern California is beginning to heat up which means summertime festivities are underway! Even though we have our minds set on fun in the sun and outdoor activities safety should always be a requirement. Make sure that you have a safety agenda to go along with your summer fun agenda! If you and your family plan on bike riding, check your bicycles for any type of damage prior to your bike ride. It is very important to always do a quick assessment of your gear before heading out; check each tire to ensure there are no holes or leaks and top off the air pressure if needed to prevent flats or damages. It is also very important that you check (more…)

Beware of Door Knockers! Who’s Really Knocking on Your Door?

The scenario goes something like this – You get a knock on your door and a salesman claiming to represent a home alarm company gives you one of these pitches:

  • Your current alarm company has gone out of business and he’s there to transfer your account to the organization he represents.
  • He represents your current alarm company and just needs to update your equipment.
  • If you don’t have an alarm, he’s willing to immediately install one and put a sign in your yard if you sign a long-term contract on the spot.
The salesman could be legitimate, but he may very well be trying to scam you. He may even be part of a ring of burglars out monitoring and targeting your neighborhood.