It is typical to believe that having one camera with enough coverage for an entire room is all you need to keep your business or home secure, but is that true? What if the area you want to cover is a lobby, a large office space, or even your front porch, will one camera be enough to see what happened in the event of a burglary?

A surveillance camera is used to record an event or series of event to help provide the user with all the information they may need. In most cases, those surveillance systems are there to build a case against an employee for stealing, help solve who started a fight with two customers, or even if the UPS man is throwing your packages across your yard

What about video coverage in your home? Police have released security video trying to show a robbery. The problem with this video is we never see a good view of this person’s face. The camera is very close to the door and created a glare. Homes are a little harder to mount cameras to and this unfortunate person may have no other option, but you want to make sure you have enough coverage to see every possible scenario. You may need to point out someone’s face or license plate.

We at PVS highly recommend each person or business to get plenty of coverage of the areas they want to see. Today it isn’t enough to just catch an action taking place but more, if there is clear evidence showing what happened and who did it.

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