Property managers employing high-tech CCTV and DVR products to strengthen its management quality is a fast-paced trend in recent years. Being able to remotely view all around the property without having to physically walk the perimeter of a building is ideal for property management. With massive complexes housing hundreds of people it tends to be more likely to have an increase in vandalism, violence & theft.

With motion sensing cameras that have infrared capabilities for night recording property managers do not have to be onsite to know what’s going on at all times. DVR’s that can store video recordings for 30 days at a time that allow  you to go back to certain day & time to view events are very useful in keeping residents safe. In addition to the instant on-spot video recording and auto-alarm dial-back functions, the remote CCTV system can also alert security guard upon any alarm occurrence. The powerful network provides the following functions:

  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple buildings at different locations.
  • Alarm system connection: event-driven recording.
  • Keeping track of car lots or swimming pools & club house areas.

We at PVS are world class security specialists that have been providing property managers security products and services for over 35 years. We are the premier security company in the industry with  highly trained & experienced sales team that listen closely to the customer’s needs to find the best & most cost efficient solution. With the increase in crime & vandalism in recent years it is not an option to be unprepared for life threatening events that could take place. Call valley alarm today to schedule a cost free consultation with one of our sales associates.